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Great Pause_ Among Prosecutors As DNA Proves Fallible _ NPR


Assessing Latent Print Proficiency Tests - Richard Gutierrez


Bad science puts innocent people in jail — and keeps them there - The Washington Post


Blood Request Ethanol State Lab of Hygiene


Comparison of Latent Print Proficiency Tests with Latent Prints Obtained in Routine Casework


Crime Lab Scandal Forces Prosecutors to…


Cross-Examination Fingerprint Examiner (Friedman REV 2-17)


Data Sharing in Forensic Science-Consequences


Database Limitations on the Evidentiary Value of Forensic Mitochondrial DNA




Evaluating Forensic DNA Evidence-Champion Article Part 1


Evaluating Forensic DNA Evidence-Champion Article Part 2


FBI and DOJ Vow to Continue Using Junk Science Rejected by White House Report


forensic interview. CornerHouse_RATAC_Protocol


Forensic Science Is a Mess, and the Justice Department Wants to Keep It That Way - Reason


Identifying Locating and Preparing Experts


Interpreting Low Template DNA Profiles-Balding and Buckleton Article


Jeff Sessions Wants Courts to Rely Less on Science and More on _Science_


Justice Department issues first standards for forensic expert testimony - The Washington Post


Justice or junk science_ Critics argue bite-mark testimony should be abandoned - Richmond Times-Dispatch_ News


Learning to Examine Fingerprint Ballistic Evidence _ Gauge the Complexity of Samples - Richard Gutierrez


Naked, bruised body in the woods looked..


Now who will push ahead on validating forensic science disciplines_






Rejecting Voodoo Science in the Courtroom - WSJ


Reversing the legacy of junk science in the courtroom _ Science _ AAAS


Sessions’s Assault on Forensic Science Will Lead to More Unsafe Convictions


Statistical Inferences on Genetic Data--Bruce Budowle Article


Trying Mitochondrial DNA Cases


Trying YSTR DNA Cases


Voice Analysis Should Be Used with Caution in Court - Scientific American


What does One in a Trillion Mean


When your case involves science_Anthony Rios

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