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Non-Agency Sponsored Training Expense (NASTE) Request

Click on the link below to submit a NASTE request: This Form is for SPD staff use only.  Complete this form anytime you wish to attend a training program that is sponsored by an organization OTHER than the State Public Defender's Office (SPD). This form enables you to ask for SPD to pay expenses (e.g., registration fee, lodging, mileage, meals) associated with attending non-agency training programs. 

Step-by-Step Instructions for Completing a Non-Agency Sponsored Training Expense (NASTE) Request Form

  1. Click the link to the NASTE Request form below.

  2. Complete the form and hit the "Submit" button.

  3. Forward the email you receive with your form responses to your direct supervisor.

  4. Your supervisor will review the request and determine whether to recommend (or not recommend) approval.

  5. Your supervisor will email the Training Director and the appropriate Division Director (Trial or Appellate) and you with their decision to recommend (or not recommend) approval.

  6. The Training Director or Division Director will approve (or not approve) the request and email you and your supervisor with the decision.

  7. If the Training Director or Division Director approves the request, they will include Gail Gomach ( from the Administration Office in the email.

  8. Gail Gomach will take care of registration and hotel reservations (if applicable) and email you with confirmation of those arrangements.

** For Barry Cohen's OWI Seminar in Elkhart Lake on Nov 13-14, please talk to your RAM, and do not fill out a NASTE Form**

Agency-Wide NASTE Request Form

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