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agreement for Procedure of Filing Petition and Agreement


family visitation stipulation


809.30 Overview - TPR Deadlines + Procedures


TPR Relationship Building PPT


TPR Protocol and Roles of a TPR AttorneyPPT


Bonding Assessments-What Defense Attorneys Should Know


Building and Maintaining a Relationship


Civil Rules of Procedure


Defenses to Default Judgment


Developing a Defense through Investigation and File Review


Disposition Holtz Giesfeldt


DISPOSITION_ Why Start at the End


Helping TPR Clients Maintain Composure in the Courtroom




ICWA Presentation Homer


Issue Spotting


Making lemonade out of lemons_Rondini


Motion Practice_Attacking the Petition


Preserving Issues for Appeal in Termination of Parental Rights Cases Krahn


Rights Guaranteed


The Indian Child Welfare Act


Theory of Case in TPR Cases


TPR Client Relationship Building


TPR Protocol and Many Hats


Voir Dire in TPR Cases


Where am I and what in the world am I looking for


as applied example

enlarge time COA


motion for access to CHIPS case

motion to challenge venue

motion to dismiss (lack of PC)

Motion to Dismiss (racially unconstitutional)

Motion to Dismiss (sub. 4 unconstitutional)

motion to sever


Motion_to_Set Family Interaction Time_pending dispo

Motion_to_Set Family Interaction Time_post dispo

motions in limine

notice of depo

notice of intent to seek post-dispo relief

request for production of documents

request for sub of judge

requests for admissions

response to summary judgment

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